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Typescript, J.P. Mills, Tour Diary, March 1927, with comments by Ursula Betts, 1986

caption: Cycle migration and land shortage; revenue assessment; lack of medical aid
medium: tours
location: Hangrum Nenglo
date: 10.3.1927
person: Betts/ UrsulaMills/ J.P.
date: 3.1927
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: 10th.
text: To Hangrum. 10 miles. A climb of three miles up to the top of the range and then along it, with magnificent views on either hand. On the way (13) we turned aside and climbed up to Nenglo, a cold and very poor village. They have been wandering about looking for land and only re-established themselves on their old site five years ago. They are so badly off that they are already buying rice from Hangrum, having eaten what they got last harvest.
text: [UGB: Again attempts at cycle-migration by Nenglo.]
text: The mauzadar's figures were wrong here, and it is moreover complained that he has kept back part of the money due for road clearing. In future road clearing bills should be in the names of the village head man and not of mauzadars.
text: There is the old story in this area of no visit by a vaccinator for three or four years.