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printed - J.P. Mills: Tour note on Tirap Frontier Tract, December 1944

caption: Notes on the boundary with Burma and Tirap Frontier Tract
medium: notestours
location: Patkoi range Sangpang Hills Hukong Valley
date: 19.12.1944-22.12.1944
person: Mills/ J.P.
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
refnum: from: Tour Notes, Assam Tribal Areas, 1943-46, Pam. Assam A 143633.
text: 2. 'The boundary with Burma'. - Over a very long stretch no boundary with Burma has ever been fixed, even provisionally, it having been agreed some years ago to postpone a decision till one became administratively necessary. That time has now come, and proposals will be submitted to His Excellency for consideration. Burma have always been inclined to hold that the Patkoi ought to be the boundary, but there is nothing to be said in favour of this range as a boundary.
text: (1) Though it is the watershed the Patkoi is here a comparatively low range.
text: (2) Tribesmen from far beyond it come to the Political Officer, Tirap Frontier Tract, for all their needs.
text: (3) A boundary along the Patkoi would cut Naga tribes in two and thereby, hamper administration and retard progress.
text: The obvious and natural boundary is the Sangpang Range, which I saw from the air last year and could see beyond the Patkoi this year. It is the highest range in the area and on the South a steep escarpment falls away to the Hukong Valley and Burma proper.