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published - extracts on the Nagas from 'Census of India, 1931 - Volume III - Assam Report'

caption: Chapter VIII. Occupation
medium: reports
person: Mullan/ C.S.
date: 1931
text: [Summary of Subsiduary table 2b.] Distribution by sub-classes in natural divisions and districts. (b) Earners (subsiduary occupation)
text: Number per mille of total population, of earners having a subsiduary occupation in:
Sub-class I. Exploitation of animals and vegetation - 23
Sub-class II. Exploitation of minerals - 0
Sub-class III. Industry - 5
Sub-class IV. Transport - 1
Sub-class V. Trade - 1
Sub-class VI. Public force - 0
Sub-class VII. Public administration - 1
Sub-class VIII. Professions and liberal arts - 0
Sub-class IX. Persons living on their income - 0
Sub-class X. Domestic service - 0
Sub-class XI. Insufficiently described occupations - 0
Sub-class XII. Unproductive - 0