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Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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published - extracts on the Nagas from 'Census of India, 1931 - Volume III - Assam Report'

caption: Appendix A. The effect on the tribes of the Naga Hills district of Contacts with civilization, by J.P. Mills, I.C.S
caption: Khonoma substituted trade for raiding
medium: reports
location: Khonoma
person: Mullan/ C.S.Mills/ J.P.
date: 1931
text: Before the hills were taken over the important village of Khonoma, with insufficient land to support its population, raided far and wide for heads, tribute, loot and prisoners they could hold to ransom. Now they have substituted trade for raiding, and landless men wander right into Burma selling beads. The prestige of the village enables them to keep almost a monopoly of this trade.