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published - extracts on the Nagas from 'Census of India, 1931 - Volume III - Assam Report'

caption: Appendix A. The effect on the tribes of the Naga Hills district of Contacts with civilization, by J.P. Mills, I.C.S
caption: prostitution
medium: reports
location: Kohima
person: Mullan/ C.S.Mills/ J.P.
date: 1931
text: I have mentioned above the increase in prostitution due to the cart road. Far more serious in this respect is the presence in Kohima of a large number of unmarried foreigners, including the unmarried men of a battalion of Assam Rifles, and of Naga subordinates living away from their villages. A population is growing up of persons with no tribe or customary law and religion, and their settlement is a plague spot. Any girl who quarrels with her parents in a Naga villageand can bold to this sink of iniquity can find an old haf ready to take her in and start her without delay oh a career which can only end in disease and misery.