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published - extracts on the Nagas from 'Census of India, 1931 - Volume III - Assam Report'

caption: Appendix A. The effect on the tribes of the Naga Hills district of Contacts with civilization, by J.P. Mills, I.C.S
caption: missionary suppression of alchohol
medium: reports
person: Mullan/ C.S.Mills/ J.P.
date: 1931
text: To any one who unable to reject some of the most hallowed passages in Scripture, regards fermented liquor in moderation as not only harmless but beneficial, the strong prohibition policy of the Mission cannot but seem a grave mistake. Few of its advocates attempt to justify it from Scripture. They use the arguments which brought the Volstead Act into being. Such an obsession has abstention from fermented drink become among converts that teetotalism is often regarded as the outstanding mark of a Christian. Among the Aos "teetotaler" and "Christian" are used as synonymous terms in ordinary conversation. The substitutions of opium for rice beer is probably rare among Christians now, but as in America, secret drinking goes on, with results that are morally evil.