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book : Return to the Naked Nagas (1939;1976)

caption: Chapter Twenty-one. Head-Hunting Rites
caption: distributing parts of heads to various villages
medium: books
ethnicgroup: Konyak
person: Furer-Haimendorf
date: 6.1936-6.1937
text: First I satisfy the boys from each of the villages of Namsang, Kongan, and Wanching, and they go off with the small but precious pieces of bone, beaming with joy. But now I must be more careful with the Wakching people, for I don't want to hurt the feelings of any of my friends.
text: "Listen a moment, I can't give each of you a separate piece, but each morung will receive a piece, and then you can hold separate ceremonies."
text: The solution is accepted.