The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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The Original Videodisc

Co-directors of the Cambridge Experimental Videodisc Project: Dr Alan Macfarlane and Martin Gienke.

Associate directors: Sarah Harrison and Julian Jacobs.

Computing consultants: Dr Martin Porter, Michael Bryant and Val Loos.

The five major collections of photographic and textual materials were made by: Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, U.V.G.Betts, W.G.Archer, J.P.Mills and J.H.Hutton. We would particularly like to thank Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, U.V.G.Betts (Ursula Graham Bower), Mildred Archer, Pamela Mills and John Hutton for their kind permission to use this material.

The Master Videotape was produced at the BBC Open University Production Centre, Milton Keynes: Project Management, Martin Wright and Alan Cathie; Film Transfer, Pete Cole; Slide Transfer, Patsy Roberts-Powell; V.T.Editing, John Halford; Production Assistant, Paula Gilbert.

Much work was done in the Audio Visual Aids Unit and Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge University, to whose staff many thanks, and in particular to Janet Hall, Don Manning and David Hurworth. We also thank Ben Gellner, Astrid Harrison, Anita Herle, Paula Iturra.

The Project is indebted to the following individuals and their staff who have generously made available to the Project the materials (books, photographs, films, manuscripts, sound recordings) which appear on the disc: CBS College Publishing, New York; Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Dr Audrey Cantlie; Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge; Department of Anthropology and Sociology and Library at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London; Tim Edye; Milada Ganguli; Linton Zoo, Cambridgeshire; Haddon Library, University of Cambridge; Barbara and Julian Harding; Holt, Rinehart and Winston,Inc.,New York; Priscilla Horn and Equinox Books, Oxford; India Office Library, London; Easterine Iralu; D.E.Lloyd Jones; Macmillan Press Ltd., Basingstoke; Museum of University of Manchester; Hansjorg Mayer; Pitt Rivers Museum and Archive, Oxford (in particular Elizabeth Edwards, Helene La Rue and Bob Rivers); the Royal Geographical Society, London; Ruth Steketee; The Trustees of the British Museum; Jeremy Wood.

Thanks to Dr Ruth Barnes for the translation from the German of the diaries of Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf.

The Project gratefully acknowledges the funding and other support received from the following institutions: The Leverhulme Trust; The Nuffield Foundation; The Economic and Social Research Council; King's College and Trinity College, Cambridge; the University of Cambridge.

The Web Version

The initial conversion to a database that could be used on the web was done by Richard Boulton and Sarah Harrison. The photographs and films were taken from the Videodisc directly and converted into appropriate digital formats. The quality of all media reflects the pre-digital age when the data was collected.

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