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colour photographs of Naga artefacts from various sources

caption: Hair ornament of a man who has taken a head; made of a narrow oblong plate of wood expanding slightly towards one end which is decorated with a tuft of red-barred yellow hair. The ornament is varnished a rich amber colour and is decorated on the same side as the tuft with 2 brass plates in the form of human figures with knock knees. The only example of brass applique yet seen. Obtained by the owner from Mohung, a village with culture approaching Changs, by whom they are called Chaokik. Chongwe village, Konyak.
medium: artefacts
ethnicgroup: ChaokikKonyak
location: Mohung Aopao (Chongwe)
ethnicgroup: Chaokik
location: Mohung
refnum: 3:238
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 1934
form: gift
person: Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
date: 1934
refnum: 1928.69.1764
note: descriptions derived from original source material unless in square brackets or otherwise stated