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colour photographs of Naga artefacts from various sources

caption: Model of a lifesize figure put on the grave of a man who has taken a head. Dressed in cotton cloth, armbands of paper. The teeth and the trimming of the kilt are made of the white seeds of the wild Job's tears. Wooden spear [missing] fastened to the right hand with an iron nail. On the inside of the left hand a miniature head is carved in high relief. Wooden representation of a conch shell worn in front (a man who has not taken a head wears it at the back of his head). The last man who took a head in any of the group of villages where these figures are made is dead. The proper ceremonies are known to none now, and even if a head were conceivably taken it could not be brought to the village. Therefore none of these grave-figures will ever be made again. W. Angami, Nerhema village.
medium: artefacts
ethnicgroup: Angami <Western
location: Nerhema
ethnicgroup: Angami (Western)
location: Nerhema
refnum: 5:67-68
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 11.3.1937
form: gift
person: Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
refnum: 1934.82.251
note: descriptions derived from original source material unless in square brackets or otherwise stated