The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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colour photographs of Naga artefacts from various sources

caption: Rich man's oblong apron (lengta) of dull indigo material with a double row of ground cowries along the edges and on broad central band. Beside latter are rows of 6 cowrie rosettes with coiled red wool centres. A pair of white horns (sambhur) fixed in middle, with a red wool plume at each tip (one missing). A small brass gong with a bunch of red hair at the tip of the conical boss hangs below. Chang, Yongyimti village.
medium: artefacts
ethnicgroup: Chang
location: Yongyimti
refnum: 5:214
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 1924
form: gift
person: Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
refnum: 1928.69.1308
note: descriptions derived from original source material unless in square brackets or otherwise stated