The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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colour photographs of Naga artefacts from various sources

caption: Small boy's set of 6 jews harps, tied together at one end so that any one cane be played separately. This bamboo, more or less rectangular, tongue cut from the solid. Some ornamented with picked work on the silicone surface, and some separated at the ends. The strings, which are jerked in playing, are ornamented at the ends with beads and tassels. Banpara (Konyak).
medium: artefacts
ethnicgroup: Konyak <Banpara
ethnicgroup: Konyak (Banpara)
refnum: 6:122
person: Peal/ S.E.
date: 1896 approximately
form: purchase
person: Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
refnum: 1903.129.32
note: descriptions derived from original source material unless in square brackets or otherwise stated