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sketches by Henry Balfour, 1922

caption: casting white-metal bar for making armlet in bamboo tube, Lhota, Bhandari
medium: sketches
ethnicgroup: Lhota
location: Bhandari
person: Balfour/ Henry
date: 20.11.1922
note: documentation based on original source information unless within square brackets
refnum: 01116-01118
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Balfour Ms. B3
Caption:1. Hole drilled in the mud floor of the house with an old dao, twirled between the hands.
Caption:2. Slender bamboo tube, split and splayed out at the top and closed by a node near the lower end, set upright in the hole. A green banana-leaf, rolled up to form a funnel, is fixed in the splayed-out end of the tube. The metal (?lead and tin) having been melted in a pot over the hearth fire, is lifted in the pot between banana-leaf pads and is poured through the funnel into the tube, where it bubbles for some time while gasses of steam escape, and is then left to cool.
Caption:3. Green banana-leaf funnel, showing the terminal whorl fixed with a bamboo splinter. After the passage of the molten metal the leaf showed hardly any trace of scorching.
Caption:4. The metal bar skaken out of the mould.
Caption:5. The completed penannular armlet as worn by Lhota women.
seealso: Balfour diary 20.11.1922