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Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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black and white photographs taken by J.P. Mills

caption: Ritual poles (aghuza) set up outside dwelling house which signifies that the owner has held the second in the Feasts of Merit known as Apisa. The ritual poles are supported by forked posts and decorated with cane leaves; the ends are weighted with ornaments of bamboo and gourd tassels. Sema, Pusami village
medium: photographs
ethnicgroup: Sema
location: Phusumi (Pusami)
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 1918-1945
note: documentation based on catalogue by Betty von Furer-Haimendorf unless uncatalogued, in which case text within square brackets
person: School of Oriental and African Studies, London
refnum: 90/JPM/JPM
seealso: Hutton, Sema Nagas, p.227