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black and white photographs taken by J.P. Mills

caption: Man holding head-trophy decorated with mithan horns and tassels of palmyra. (This head had been recently captured and hung up in the men's house, morung, from where it was taken for the purpose of the photograph.) the man wears a brass chest ornament, which signifies that he has himself taken a head, cane wristlets, a head-dress of bark, and a hair pin made of wood, and decorated with carvings of human figures and tassels of dyed goat's hair. (The brass chest ornament can nowadays be bought in the plains and is a substitute for the carved wooden type previously in use.) Eastern Konyak, Kamahu village.
medium: photographs
ethnicgroup: Konyak <Eastern
location: Kamahu
person: Mills/ J.P.
date: 1918-1945
note: documentation based on catalogue by Betty von Furer-Haimendorf unless uncatalogued, in which case text within square brackets
person: School of Oriental and African Studies, London
refnum: 159/JPM/JPM