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black and white photograph taken by C.R. Stonor, 1946-1948

caption: dance at feast of merit, Phirre village
medium: photographs
location: Phire-Ahire (Phirre)
ethnicgroup: [Northern Sangtam JS]
form: celluloid negative
person: Stonor/ C.R.
date: 12.1947
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: SR.728-42
note: Documentation based on index in Pitt Rivers Museum Archive
Caption:[the dance in full progress. The "tail" of small boys, guided by an old man with a spear, is on the extreme left. Plate 2 fig. 2]
Caption:small boy dancing
Caption:senior dancers drinking rice beer. [The two senior dancers scatter beer and rice towards the sun before food and drink are dispensed. plate 3 fig. 1]
Caption:now and then the dancers face outwards. [The master of ceremonies is on the left, directing the dance. The giver of the feast is the third dancer from the right. plate 4 fig.1]
Caption:'master of ceremonies' rests during feast of merit
seealso: Stonor, 'Feasts of Merit'
note: text in square brackets is taken from illustrations in Stonor's article, 'Feasts of Merit among the Northern Sangtam'