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black & white photographs taken by Ursula Graham Bower between 1937 and 1946

caption: Log drum, Chingjaroi Khulen village. These are found among a number of the Naga tribes. As with all types of drum, there are strict taboos on their use. They are mainly sounded on certain occasions, or at certain times of the year. It is related by the late J.P. Mills that, as a young officer, he beat a log drum despite the Headman's warning that to do so would bring a storm. During the night a sudden cyclone removed the roof of the drum house. He did not repeat the offence (personal communication).
medium: photographs
location: Chingjaroi Khulen
form: 35mm negatives
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
date: 21.2.1939
note: information based on catalogue compiled by photographer unless in square brackets
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: BT NO 1022
seealso: Mills, Lhota Nagas, p.xxviiiFurer-Haimendorf, Naked Nagas, p.115