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typescript tour diary of W.G. Archer, S.D.O. Mokokchung 1947

caption: visit to Khonoma
caption: rice terraces
medium: tours
location: Khonoma
date: 31.12.1946
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 31.12.1946-14.2.1947
text: Although the track begins three miles below Khonoma rice fields belonging to the village commence almost at once and we were soon moving along a ridge with a vast tract of fields below. As we climbed higher, more and more fields came into view, in some cases rising in successive terraces almost to the top of the hill. In their great broad sweeps these huge expanses of cultivation were not unlike glaciers. In many fields the ridges are made of stones and where the slope is steep a field is sometimes only a few feet wide. I have never seen such perfect agricultural engineering. (2)