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typescript tour diary of W.G. Archer, S.D.O. Mokokchung 1947

caption: visit to Jakhama and Kigwema
caption: dormitory of Kavema khel
medium: tours
person: Kavema khel
ethnicgroup: Angami <Southern
location: Kigwema
date: 7.1.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 31.12.1946-14.2.1947
text: From the gate we went up the path to the village passing as we did so a number of little boys with heads completely shaved except for the top knot. The latter was tied to a feather and buried in wads of cotton wool.
text: Inside the village I noticed a long hall built upon a bridge. It contained on one side a long wooden platform with piles of bedding and on the other stools and lamps. A boy was sleeping when I entered. I was told that the hall was a dormitory and belonged to the Kavema Khel. Thirty boys of that Khel used it as their club and all of them regularly slept there.