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typescript tour diary of W.G. Archer, S.D.O. Mokokchung 1947

caption: visit to Lungsa
caption: head-takers' cloak with painted band
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Lotha
location: Lungsa Okotso Pangti
date: 29.1.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 31.12.1946-14.2.1947
text: Besides this ritual garb, the genna also entitles the warrior to wear a dark blue cloak with a painted band. No one in the village however had bought one and everyone said that it was from a Lotha village only that such a cloth could be bought. They cited Okotso and Pangti as Lotha villages which still made them. All of them immediately recognised the pattern which is illustrated in Lotha Nagas but they indignantly repudiated they suggestion that a Lotha could buy one from a Rengma.