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typescript tour diary of W.G. Archer, S.D.O. Mokokchung 1947

caption: visit to Lungkam
caption: morungs
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Ao
location: Lungkam
date: 2.2.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 31.12.1946-14.2.1947
text: Other casualties in the fire were two morungs. These have been rebuilt only recently and they loom above the other houses in all the smartness of their new straw. In the lower of the two, the main pillars are carved with men and tigers and the roof goes up at a sharp angle to a little peak above the front. From the peak descends a large bamboo chain supporting a bamboo model of a head while just in front of it swings a toy aeroplane.
text: (54) The other morung which is high up on a slope has a huge bamboo staff in front of it. A cross bar near the top contains two baskets and I was told that rice-beer is put in them and the morung boys climb the pole to get it.
text: At the present time the morungs are used only at the festivals and not at all as dormitories. All boys who go to the village school sleep in a school house while the others stay at their parents' or sleep with the girls in the girls' houses. I was told that there are three such houses. One which I saw contained six girls and was next door to the large house of a villager. For christian boys and girls not attending school, there are two separate houses in different parts of the village. As the girls' houses are quite insufficient for all of the girls in the village, many girls now sleep at home.