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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: trans-frontier raids from 1920 to 1946
caption: the control area
medium: notes
location: Chingmei Nokluk Pangsha Ponyo (Ponyu) Tsaplaw Tsawlaw Law Nawkum Patkoi Range Dilli R. Rotongre Chen Tamkhung Nantaleik R. (Tizu R.)
date: 26.11.1943
person: Pawsey/ C.R.Archer/ W.G.
date: 25.4.19471946-1948
refnum: 13:2
text: Copy of Memo. no. 1446G dt. 26/11/43 from S.D.O. Mokokchung, to the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills Kohima:
text: It is reported that a combination of Chingmei, Nokluk, Pangsha, Ponyu, Tsaplaw, and Tsawlaw with possibly some other small villages attacked and destroyed Law Nawkum, taking between 250 and 300 heads.
text: This does not threaten the security of the American posts so I propose that no action be taken.
text: D.O. No.
text: Kohima
text: 11/11/41
text: -------
text: I enclose the note asked for in your letter of the 27th October. I am sorry to be rather vague about the North East part of the area but I have never been there and have been unable to get the map from Rangoon.
text: Yours sincerely
text: Sd/ C.R. Pawsey
text: The Control Area
text: For the following reasons I think the Control Area should be extended at once to the PATKOI Range on the East and the DILLI River on the North as soon as possible. (The DILLI River was fixed last month provisionally as the political boundary with Sadiya).
text: 1. Burma now administers up the the PATKOI. We can't allow our villages to raid Burma administered villages, nor is the idea that Burma should be allowed to take action against villages on our side of the Patkoi a pleasing one.
text: 2. In practice the area up to the PATKOI is controlled politically. The first Pangsha expedition in December 1936 was undertaken when Pangsha was not in the control area. This year the ROTONGRE column will be operating outside the control area. The survey column in 1936 was operating as far as the Patkoi in the CHEN area. Practically every village from TAMKHUNG near the Patkoi due East of Mokokchung Southwards to the point where the district boundary meets the PATKOI near the TIZU has now been visited.
text: 3. No new commitment will be involved by the extension of the control area.
text: 4. The use of guns in the control area in tribal warfare is forbidden. We can't tolerate the present position under which villages outside the area are more advantageously placed than those who carry out our orders. The only thing against the extension is the promise by the Govt. of Assam to the Govt. of India that no extension would be asked for, vide letter No. Pol- 1463/5176A.P., dated 17th September 1924, against this it must be argued that Burma's extension of her administered area up to the PATKOI, and the enormous increase in the number of guns has completely changed the situation.