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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: trans-frontier raids from 1920 to 1946
caption: the Wakching area
medium: notes
location: Patkoi Range Dikhu R. Dilli R. Borduria Namsang Wakching Taukok R. (Towkok R.) Takang R. Teijat R. Nyasia Mon Sangnyu Tang
person: Pawsey/ C.R.Archer/ W.G.
date: 25.4.19471946-1948
refnum: 13:2
text: The Wakching Area
text: The Wakching area can roughly be taken to mean that lying between the PATKOI Range on the East, the DIKHU River on the South, the DILLI on the north and the plains. The question of whether the Borduria Namsang area should be included is referred to later. Sooner or later this will have to be a sub-division. At first WAKCHING might be the Headquarters but the most central place and the one on which communications up the TOWKOK and TAKANG and TEIJAT Rivers are easiest, is the village of NYASIA near pt. 5391. This place would have other advantages: the big noises in this area are the Angs of MON and SANGNYU (HANG) and I believe to a lesser degree TANG. The future administration of the area will involve the recognition of their rights to some extent. NYASIA would be central for their control. The trouble is that until there is an S.D.O. for this area we shan't know much about them.
text: I therefore think that a WAKCHING subdivision is essential and should be formed as soon as possible with temporary buildings only.
text: As regards the extension of the administered area: the great difference between this area and the Sema-Sangtam area which I have recommended for inclusion is the number of guns owned by those in the control area. For this reason only an extension is necessary. it should start with the taking over of CHI and the TOTOK villages who in spite of all Govt. orders continue to use guns in tribal warfare. But this cannot be done until there is a Subdivision at Wakching. It would also be necessary to put the present Kongnyu outpost further to the East and to strengthen it and until the end of the war this cannot be done. But the Wakching Subdivision should nevertheless be formed as soon as possible as a prelude to subsequent developments.
text: The question now arises as to whether this subdivision should remain in the Naga Hills or be part of the new District or Tract south of the Lohit. If the Dikhu is the boundary very roughly the length of the two Districts would be the same and prima facie the Wakching area should go to the new tract. But I am handicapped by lack of the map of the N.E. part of this area and by lack of knowledge of its character and population.