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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: notes of Trans-Frontier raids 1933-1946
caption: extension of Control Area to Burma border
medium: notes
person: HuttonMills
location: Sangpurr (Sangpure) Shamtorr (Shamtore)
date: 12.2.19357.3.193529.12.1935
person: Pawsey/ C.R.Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 13:7
text: Pol. 314/880 dt. 12/2/35: C.S. sanctions Rs. 500/- a/cs follow. S.D.O's 1787G dt. 7/3/35 & D.O. 5028 M dt. 29/12/35: Sangpure (35) lost one head to Shamtorr (II) Hutton D.C. Nowgong to Mills
text: - "I am inclined to agree with His Excellency that the proper course would be to extend the control area up to the Burma boundary - i.e. the high range everywhere and have done with it".