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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: letter from W.G. Archer to D.C. correcting references to villages involved in warfare mentioned in memo no. 3662G of 30th March 1947
medium: notesletters
person: Chingai
location: Aopao Anphang (Angpang) Chi (Chui) Choknyu Longmien
date: 6.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 13:10
text: Office of the Subdivisional Officer Mokokchung. June 1947
text: D.C.
text: Will you kindly refer to my memo no. 3662G dated 30th March 1947 concerning inter village wars in the Konyak area?
text: I have again gone into these cases with Chingai, head Konyak dobashi and find that in two instances the village were unfortunately misreported. In serial 2 Aopao is a mistake for Angpang and in serial 2 & 3 Chui is a mistake for Choknyu. I very greatly regret these errors in identity. They were due to the fact that at the time I submitted my report the area was completely new to me, office had not supplied me with any Konyak files, the office maps were incomplete and in some cases the spelling of village names appeared to have little relation to the way they were pronounced.
text: My earlier report should now be modified in the following respect:
text: 2. Aopao-Chui.
text: The actual villages involved are Angpang and Choknyu. Angpang shot a Choknyu man in 1946 and took his head, and on 9th March 1947 a Choknyu morung ambushed an Angpang man on Longmien territory. Having shot this man the Choknyu party took his head but were intercepted by Longmien on the way back. Chingai states that Angpang and Choknyu are both outside the control area but that throughout the tribal and control area warfare with guns has been forbidden. My office has been unable to verify Chingai statement or to refer me to any orders.
text: 3. Longmien-Chui.
text: The actual villages involved are Longmien and Choknyu. When the Longmien party intercepted Choknyu they demanded the Angpang head. Choknyu refused to give it back and in the fight which followed 6 of the Choknyu party were killed and 4 wounded. Longmien had three wounded but later in the day lost two heads to a second Choknyu party. Both sides used guns. Longmien is in our control area and Chingai states that warfare of any kind is prohibited. Here also I have been unable to obtain any reference to the order.
text: Will you very kindly forward this revised report with your comments to the Adviser?
text: Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mokokchung.
text: (copy of a letter from W.G. Archer)