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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: Sangtam analysis of dreams
medium: notes
keywords: Tsungrangre
person: Hopongki
ethnicgroup: Sangtam
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 5:39
text: Dreams.
text: Tiger - you will meet an enemy
text: you will fall ill
text: If you kill the tiger - you will kill the enemy
text: Elephant - good crops/many weeds/sickness in family
text: Log drum - very bad crops
text: Gate - all risks will be fulfilled
text: Mithan - is regarded as Tsungrangre
text: ill will betide
text: River - if clear water, good crop
text: if dirty, many weeds and illness
text: Pigs - wild boars will destroy the crop
text: Fire - fair weather, bright sun
text: Moon - good luck in the family but during his lifetime only
text: Rice beer - much rain
text: Dancing - a man will die
text: Intercourse with a woman - game will be got when hunting
text: Catching a girl's breasts - wealth
text: Rising sun - a great son
text: Dao, dao box, boar's tusks, spear - will get a son
text: Tobacco pipe - will get a daughter
text: Snake - you will commit a 'sin'
text: Flood - you will become poor
text: Passing excrement - lose wealth
text: A stranger's excrement in one's own clan - riches
text: Rain - misfortune
text: Making a new road or clearing one - prosperity/death
text: Crossing a river - overcoming a difficulty
text: A man carrying a load and crossing a river - he will die within a year
text: A pumpkin (bottle gourd) - you will get goitre
text: A broken pot - you will get a baby
text: A goitre - you will become rich
text: Pregnant woman - good harvest
text: A dead man - success in hunting (a male animal)
text: A dead woman - " " " (a female animal)
text: Holding an umbrella - you will come under a big man's protection
text: Climbing a tree and sitting on a bough - you will become the head of a village
text: Sitting on a chair - you will rule a village
text: Sitting in a car - prosperity
text: Hornbill - a man will die
text: An apotia house - you will be v. rich
text: A grave - riches
text: A warriors' spear - much rain
text: If you are cut with a dao - good weather/you will get a dao wound
text: If you drink rice beer - a man will die
text: A nostipati (pear) - much rice
text: If you dream of flying like a bird - you will have no food
text: Climbing a steep hill - no food
text: Striking someone - he will be ill
text: Felling a tree - a man will die
text: Lamp at night - wealth
text: Buffalo - many weeds
text: Your son's death - your pigs and mithan will die
text: A roof falls - a man will die (Hopongki had this dream and his father died)
text: Bitten by a dog - a tiger will attack you
text: Bundle of thatch - an enemy will have you fined
text: The noise of pounding rice - your enemy will die
text: Hearing a log drum being beaten - you will get news of danger
text: A warrior returning with a head - you will get rich