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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: girls houses (Konyak)
medium: notes
ethnicgroup: Konyak
location: Tamlu Kongan (Kongon) Chingtang (Chintong)
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 4:22
text: Tamlu and Kongon. Have separate girls' houses. At the Ang's house in Chintong, a portion at the back of the house was reserved for the girls. There was a room with a bamboo bench down one side and in the middle a fire brightly glowed. Leading off this room was another crammed with 6 little cubicles. Each cubicle had a narrow bamboo platform into which a couple could just squeeze. By 8 o'clock there were about 10 girls and about 8 boys. Later 3 of the elder boys each took a girl into a cubicle and slept the night with her while the other girls scrambled onto the remaining shelves and slept together. By dawn every one was up and about.