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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: tattooing and insignia of head-takers
medium: notes
location: Wakching Wanching Kanching Tamlu Namsang Kongan (Kongon) Chingtang (Chintang) Tanhai Punkhung Choha Anphang (Angpang) Longkheng Sowa (Showa) Aopao Chinglong (Chinlang)
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 4:32
seealso: Hutton, 'Diary of Two Tours' 34-35
text: Konyaks. Head-taking and tattoo.
text: 1. 9 villages do not tattoo the face - but the chest. Wakching, Wanching, Kanching, Tamlu, Namsang, Kongon, Chintang, Tanhai, Punkhung. (See Hutton's Diaries - 34, 35)
text: 2. 10 villages in the hills also do not tattoo the face: Choha, Angpang, Longkheng, Showa, Aopao
text: 3. Chinlang has a straight tattoo down the nose and not round the eyes.
text: Insignia of the head-taker
text: 1. tattoo
text: 2. wood stuck through hair
text: 3. head (1-5) worn round the neck, wooden or brass
text: 4. model warrior with little wooden skulls - doll for dancing
text: 5. warrior's baldric and hornbill feathers
text: - head-taker's status is earned on a morung - not on a private basis eg. all the boys of the morung age group are tattooed if one of their number either goes on a column or takes a head or goes on an expedition into 'hostile' land.