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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: letters from Mills to Archer
caption: work as Addl. D.C. Mokokchung
medium: lettersnotes
person: Mills/ J.P.Archer/ W.G.PawseyAdams
location: Mokokchung Kohima
date: 1.4.1946
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 10:9
text: Shillong
text: 1/4/46
text: My dear Archer,
text: This must not be taken as an official letter, but it now seems more likely that you will be posted as Addl. D.C. to Mokokchung, where I spent many happy years. The Naga Hills district is too big for one officer, and all the important trans frontier work is concentrated in Mokokchung, which is far more important from the Tribal Area point of view than Kohima. The district is an excluded tribal area. Ministers therefore do not come into the picture at all. As far as the administered area is concerned you would be under the Governor acting 'in his discretion', and as far as the tribal area is concerned under the Governor as A.G.G., the Govt. of India paying a part of your salary.
text: Mokokchung is 4500 feet up, in a good climate, the bungalow has a drawing room, dining room, and two bedrooms with bathrooms. (I shall have to find out about furniture). For your garden you have the whole of the top of a hill. The station is 4 marches from the railway by a good, graded bridle path, with good bungalows at each stage. There are plenty of porters and no difficulty about getting staff up. The nearest white society is a mission station 9 miles away. Most of the journey is by good bridle path, with bungalows at all stages. Work in the administered area is light, but things have been let down and want tightening up. I can tell you privately that I am very dissatisfied with the trans frontier work (which is my concern); the present man, a Khasi being past his best, never seems to know what is boiling up till a raid has happened.
text: There is plenty of anthropological work crying out to be done.
text: Pawsey, the present very experienced D.C. is near the end of his time. He will either take 4 month's key leave in May and come back for a year, or go for good in January '47. Adams, a man who also has long experience, will act for Pawsey if he goes on leave .... (J.P. Mills)