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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: letters between Pawsey and Archer about independence and the Konyaks
medium: lettersnotes
person: PawseyArcher/ W.G.Aliba ImtiMayang NokchaHopongkiChingaiImlongMillsZuheshe
ethnicgroup: AngamiAoSangtamChangKonyak
location: Nakachari R.S. (Nakachari) Mokokchung Wakching Kohima Mokokchung
date: 29.4.194730.4.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 17:17
refnum: 17:18
text: Kohima 29/4/47
text: My dear Archer,
text: I hope you will wire that the Nakachari path is quite hopeless and dangerous for jeeps -
text: I have had no dates for arrival of the C.A. sub-com. in Kohima. I only heard yesterday that Aliba Imti was nominated in place of Mayang Nokcha. Mr. A.I. used to be a four anna Congress wallah, hence the nomination but I believe he is fairly all right now although he is not popular in Kohima. The Angamis are rather afraid the Aos will weaken and go pro-congress, but I should think they would be all right. The Angamis are certainly stiffening in view of H.E's Congress appeasement attitude.
text: If the Committee meet at the middle of May, the M'chung evidence or rather the members of the Executive Committee and private witnesses ought to get here as soon after 1st May as possible - anyhow by the 7th at the latest.
text: Hopongki for Sangtams
text: Imlong for Changs
text: Chingai for Konyaks
text: are also needed.
text: The Sub-com. certainly can't possibly go to Wakching ...
text: C. Pawsey
text: Kohima 30/4/47
text: Dear Archer,
text: Before I got your letter I had written to Mills suggesting that all N.H. should come under centre as present divided authority was unworkable and that Gov's, ad. d. Sec. should both be in Kohima when the Sub. Comm. comes to give evidence - also P.O. Tirap. The ideal would be for the Gov. also to be present and preside but I wouldn't suggest that. Apart from the I.B. road, 75% of Assam Rifles, most of new Hos. Ex., and the Manipur Road air field are paid for by Centre - in fact the greater part of the ex. in Naga Hills. Also coming under centre would fit in with Naga N.C. plea for 10 years' period while they are finding their feet. But H.E. is dead against it. Personally I can see no disadvantages at all.
text: Your telegram about jeep track, copy, arrived yesterday mutilated but I hope you've said jeeps cannot go - If we say jeeps can go and somebody goes over the khud we shall be held responsible.
text: I am waiting to hear date of Sub-Committee visit to Kohima before I send Zuheshe. If it is to be the 15th May I think he should stop until they have gone.
text: Whether they go to Mokokchung or not, the N.N.C. should give evidence as a body in Kohima.
text: C. Pawsey