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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: report in 'The Statesman' copied by Archer about Naga independence
medium: notes
person: SaadullaBardoloiGandhi
date: 26.12.1946
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 17:25
text: (copied by WGA)
text: Statement by Mr Saadulla ex-Premier Assam. 26/12/46 - reported in 'The Statesman'.
text: 'Recently 3 leaders from the Naga Hills saw me. They asserted that nothing but the right of self-determination would satisfy the Naga Hill's peoples. The Nagas are determined to have it and they want no interference in their areas from either the Congress or the Muslim League. They stated that these views were represented before Mr Bardoloi, the Premier and another of his colleagues who visited the Naga Hills last month'.
text: 'If Mr Gandhi's advice is followed, Assam itself will be dismembered as the hills people of the Naga, Khasi and Lushai Hills will claim the right to secede from the province of Assam'.
text: 'One Naga leader went to the length of saying to me a fortnight ago: 'We fought the British in 1879 and we will fight anyone who attempts to rule over us. The British conquered out country by force of arms, now that they are going to quit, the land is ours, and we propose to govern the hills as best we can'.