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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: Naga independence
medium: notes
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 17:31
text: Adviser.
text: During the last 6 months Naga political discussions have been marked by
text: 1. a rapidly hardening demand for total independence not only from Assam but from India itself.
text: 2. a desire to see established a pan-Naga State - which would include the Tirap Frontier Tract, the Naga Hills district, the Naga Hills Tribal Area, a portion of Sibsagar district containing various forests, and part of the North Cachar Hills.
text: 3. great uncertainty about the intentions and wishes of the Central Government
text: 4. disinclination even to consider ways in which certain services might be shared with Assam.
text: 5. vagueness and optimism on points such as how a Naga State could be financed and how a Naga Govt. could control and develop its own Tribal Areas.
text: 6. As a result of these tendencies the Advisory Subcommittee made little headway at Kohima and there seems no prospect of the deadlock being broken.
text: This state of affairs is obviously very unsatisfactory and it may even have dangerous consequences. Action to end it is very desirable, and one following scheme might just possibly prove a basis for settlement of the Central Government.
text: 1. The area claimed by Nagas to be recognised as a Naga State equivalent to or on a parity with eg. Pripura, Manipur.
text: 2. The State to join the Hindustan Union and to surrender sovereignty in Union matters such as External Affairs, Defence, Communication.
text: 3. Parts of the State which are at present excluded areas to become completely self-governing (and except in Union matter, completely self-legislating) under their own Naga Government - the remainder (tribal areas) to be administered, developed and financed by the Centre - 'in trust' for the Naga Government and with a view to their merging with this Govt. at the end of 20 years.
text: 4. The tribal areas to be administered by Assist. Political officers under a Political Agent at Kohima - The latter to act also as Advisor to the Naga Government. All Political officers to be servants of the Centre but their appointment to have the concurrence of the Naga Govt.
text: 5. The Centre to maintain a small force of military police to be at the disposal of the Govt. with the concurrence of the Political Agent. The latter to have the right to intervene separately in the event of widespread disorder.
text: 6. If the Centre gives a subsidy or if its own funds allow the Naga State to share certain services with Assam - the terms and nature of the sharing to be decided by the two Governments - by separate treaty.
text: 7. In the event of Naga affiliation to an Assam federal union being necessary, the federal subject to be clearly specified.