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manuscript notes made by W.G. Archer between 1946 & 1948, and miscellaneous papers and letters

caption: letter from Pawsey to Mills about the unadministered area
medium: lettersnotes
person: MillsPawsey/ C.R.Adams/ P.F.ArcherWalker/ G.E.D.
location: Totok Chi (Chui) Wakching
date: 30.4.1947
person: Archer/ W.G.
date: 1946-1948
refnum: 17:33
text: Secret. D.O. no/3/C. Kohima, 30th April 1947
text: Dear Mills,
text: As I was out of touch with Kohima my No. 863G dated 25th April, was drafted before I got you D.O. No. A.7/46 dated 18th April 1947.
text: My no. 863G contained recommendations for the action to be taken with regard to the trans Frontier incidents. The control area boundary between Tirap and Naga Hills was revised vide Schedule attached to Governor's Secretary letter no. 1/Pol-7/46/10 Ad dt. 17th July 1946 and this was subsequently approved by the Govt. of India. Strictly speaking therefore these events concern only Tirap now but as Wakching area is still under Naga Hills, Naga Hills must continue to look after this area.
text: Altogether therefore things are in a mess.
text: My own opinion is as follows:
text: 1. The present system under which the Govt. of India through Adviser is responsible for the unadministered area whereas the Governor of Assam through Governor's Secretary is responsible for the administered area is in practise unworkable. It will be ludicrous if the present proposals for spending large sums on unadministered areas by the Govt. of India go through, while the administered areas are starved.
text: 2. I cannot understand how the Wakching area can be transferred from the Naga Hills District proper to the Tirap Frontier Tract ie. from the care of Assam to the care of India.
text: 3. If however such a transfer is possible I am not at all sure that the whole Naga Hills District should not come under the Central Govt.
text: 4. But the constituent Assembly Subcommittee will have a lot to say about such a transfer and I have not ascertained Naga opinion.
text: 5. Unless the tangle is unravelled we shall have massacres in the Totok-Chui area in the near future.
text: The only solution then would appear to be for both Governor's Adviser and Governor's Secretary and Political Officer, Tirap, to be present when the Constituent Assembly Sub-Committee comes to Kohima to get the whole matter thrashed out. I do regard it as vital that we should stop this head hunting nonsense with loss of life to women and children and small matters of who is to run what area are nothing in comparison with this.
text: sd. C.R. Pawsey.
text: Copy to Mr. P.F. Adams...
text: Mr. Archer...
text: G.E.D. Walker Esq. Tirap Margherita, with reference to his letter no. 47 dt. 22/4/47 to Mr. Mills