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typescript 'Journey to Nagaland', by Mildred Archer. An account of six months spent in the Naga Hills in 1947

caption: trip to Kohima
caption: Litami inspection bungalow
medium: diaries
location: Litami Wokha Mt.
date: 10.8.1947
person: Archer/ Mildred
date: 9.7.1947-4.12.1947
text: We reached Litami hot and tired, with the sun still high in the sky. Outside the bungalow are clumps of spotted orange lilies on tall slender stalks. They are alive with butterflies, white with orange tips the colour of the lilies, and black and white swallow-tails.
text: We have just opened up a view of the hills. A number of straggly trees had grown in front of the bungalow and two or three villagers have been cutting them down. It was a delight to watch them climb the smooth trunks, easily chopping steps for themselves with their daos. As they hacked the branches, they balanced perfectly on one foot merely gripping the bark with the left hand. Balance is of course the clue to all climbing, but I have never seen such easy poise. (37)
text: Now we can see Wokha hill, its symetrical summit wreathed in mysterious mist. It is the hill where the souls of the dead go, to mourn and wander in its long caves.