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typescript 'Journey to Nagaland', by Mildred Archer. An account of six months spent in the Naga Hills in 1947

caption: Butler's tour diary
caption: tribal feuds and economic prosperity
medium: diaries
person: Butler/ JohnPawsey/ Charles
location: Merema (Merheemah)
date: 1870-187527.8.1947
person: Archer/ Mildred
date: 9.7.1947-4.12.1947
text: Butler saw how closely the suspension of tribal feuds is connected with economic prosperity. He relates how he was talking to an Angami and telling him that the Nagas of Merheemah were far richer than the Angamis. The Angami replied, 'Merheemah has been conquered by Manipoor and is protected by Manipoor, and the spear with them is almost forgotten, but who protects us? The Angami is always at war and has scarcely lived either to sow or reap. How can he be rich? Let the Sahib stop our fighting and then see!' The truth of the Angami's words is seen in the fine terraced rice fields, the vegetable patches (57) and the stretches of maize and Job's Tears which today abound in the Angami country. Now it is the Naga over the frontier who realises that if he were free from sentry duty and raids he could cultivate like the Nagas in the administered territory.