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typescript 'Journey to Nagaland', by Mildred Archer. An account of six months spent in the Naga Hills in 1947

caption: camp at Anangba
medium: diaries
person: SankalembaImlong
location: Anangba
date: 8.11.1947
person: Archer/ Mildred
date: 9.7.1947-4.12.1947
text: After the dancing everyone lay round on the ground in the sun drinking rice-beer, chatting and staring. The camp is big news, all the surrounding villages have come in and no one is bothering to work today.
text: About midday we suddenly noticed a stir in the camp - headmen and interpreters putting on their red cloths and moving towards the path. News had come that the escort was approaching. After a few minutes we heard the porters' chant and saw a long line trudging up the hill. They filed in to the camp and with them came the subardar, Sankalemba, the chief interpreter, the Ao doctor in a white topi and Imlong, the Chang shopkeeper, almost unrecognisable in a bush hat with a great revolver on his hip.
text: Within a few minutes the porters and sepoys had dumped their loads and begun to build huts for themselves out of the sticks, bamboos and plantain leaves that the villagers of Anangba had laid ready. A little later a huge pig was dragged into the camp, beheaded with a dao and now everyone is sitting round the camp-fires in the dark busily cooking pork. (136)
text: At sunset a whistle was sounded and the sepoys rushed to their posts all round the camp. We feel very well protected! A few minutes ago the strains of 'Jesus Loves me' floated up. The Christian Ao porters are singing as they cook the evening meal.