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typescript 'Journey to Nagaland', by Mildred Archer. An account of six months spent in the Naga Hills in 1947

caption: visit to Yimchungr Anr
caption: quarrel between Chashir and Cheshorr
medium: diaries
ethnicgroup: Yimchungr
location: Yimtsong-Awenrr (Yimchungr Anr) Chashirr (Chashir) Cheshorr
date: 15.11.1947
person: Archer/ Mildred
date: 9.7.1947-4.12.1947
text: The afternoon has been hideous with the arguments between two villages, Chashir and Cheshorr, who have a long-standing (149) quarrel. Chashir is said to have dishonoured the corpse of a Chesorr headman who was killed when returning to his village from the river. Bill had hoped to settle the matter by a smallish fine of a cow and a dao as the quarrel is eight years old, and it is difficult to judge the truth of the allegations. But Cheshorr are insistent that the settlement of such dishonour cannot be less than eight cows and eight daos. And so it has been impossible to get the two villages to make peace, to meet on the village path and drink rice-beer. This quarrel is typical of the feuds in the transfrontier villages. They are very like the Border feuds and no settlement can be found for grievances that go back for generations.