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typescript - extract from tour diary of C.R. Pawsey, 1925

caption: to Chachang; villages involved in Holcombe's death; Niaou punished; Holcombe's head
medium: tours
person: Holcombe
location: Chachang Niaou Borduria Namsang Niyounyu Shanyu Urako Chanyu Mutan (Chopnyu)
date: 28.10.1925
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 10.1925-11.1925
refnum: Proceedings, Government of Assam, Appointment and Political Department, 1926. P/11515.
person: India Office Library, London
text: 28th
text: As I had twice sent for Chachang to come in without result, I visited the village with an escort of 15. The path was appalling, being a succession of very steep rises and falls. It had been well cleared, not for us, but for the marriage of the sister of the ruler of Chopsa, to the La-wong of Chachang. The sister of the La-wong of Chachang is married to the La-wong of Chopsa, and the lady went on ahead to warn the village we were coming. At first everyone was rather frightened and started to evacuate the village with their more valuable goods. Subsequently everyone turned out to be quite friendly.
text: Chachong has only about 20 houses and was founded about eight years ago from Niaou as a serai for that village on their way to the plains. Niaou are friends of Borduria and consequently enemies of Namsang. They say that after Holcombe's death, Namsang went to Borduria, and made the banderbast that neither village would help the column on its way to Niyounyu. Namsang then offered to help and this got Niaou punished. Niaou suffered very badly as the whole village appeared with salaamis and were shot down. Shanyu escaped altogether as they spread out all the sepoys' kits and clothes they had previously taken near Niaou's village fence and pointed them out to the Sirkar. Whether Niaou really joined or not will probably not be known for a long time if ever but it is quite certain that the chief offenders escaped very lightly indeed. Holcombe's head is still in the La-wong's morung in a position of honour above the rest. Those of the sepoys are with common herd. Practically all the rifles taken are still in the village. The signal for the attack was given by the La-wong of Niyounyu in person by means of a buffalo horn.
text: On the way back I fished in the Tissing and hooked and lost two fishes.
text: I decided that it would be impossible to send rations to Chachang by this route and that they must go via Chopnyu to Urako, a small village above the former on the Chapnyu spur.
text: Chachang pays revenue both to Chanyu and Chopnyu, being built on latter's land. The La-wong comes from Chanyu.