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typescript - extract from tour diary of C.R. Pawsey, 1925

caption: Longhong - Rusa war; Banfera - Chopnyu war; fortifications at Longhong; lack of spinning, dao making or carving
medium: tours
location: Lunghung (Longhong)
date: 30.10.1925
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 10.1925-11.1925
refnum: Proceedings, Government of Assam, Appointment and Political Department, 1926. P/11515.
person: India Office Library, London
text: 30th
text: To Longhong. Rusa turned out very well and we were off by 7 a.m. changing coolies at the village boundary. Rusa and Longhong have been at war for about 10 years but the total losses on each side amount to 7 only. Rusa joined in to help Chopnyu, who lost 5 heads to Banfera without being able to get any in exchange. The Banfera - Chopnyu war arose owing to the wife of the Chopnyu Ang being ill-treated and fleeing to her home at Banfera. Banfera cut up the party which went to fetch her back. Chopnyu now say that the men killed were engaged in cutting a path for the Sirkar, an absolute falsehood.
text: Longhong is most elaborately fortified. There are four lines of ditches full of panjis and five fences made of interlaced ekra. The machan of the morung which guards the path to Rusa has been extended about 20 yards to join up with a large tree in which a sentry's hut has been built. The whole of the village was full of panjis. Both Rusa and Longhong have given up cultivating land in between the two villages.
text: The village has between 70 and 80 houses. The Ang is not of much importance, being of illegitimate descent. Like all the villages in this area, spinning is unknown and no daos are made. The morungs everywhere are miserable hovels without any carving.