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typescript - extract from tour diary of C.R. Pawsey, 1925

caption: to Chopnyu
medium: tours
person: Ahon
location: Mutan (Chopnyu) Lunghung (Longhong)
date: 1.11.1925
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 10.1925-11.1925
refnum: Proceedings, Government of Assam, Appointment and Political Department, 1926. P/11515.
person: India Office Library, London
text: 1st
text: To Chopnyu. As Chopnyu did not appear at the river, I sent Ahon on ahead, with ten sepoys. They had gone by different path to river, and arrived very late. Longhong were responsible really, as they had said there was no direct path between them and Chopnyu.