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typescript - extract from tour diary of C.R. Pawsey, 1925

caption: to Dilli river
medium: tours
location: Dilli R. Urako Chanyu Chasang
date: 4.11.1925
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 10.1925-11.1925
refnum: Proceedings, Government of Assam, Appointment and Political Department, 1926. P/11515.
person: India Office Library, London
text: 4th
text: To the Dilli. Camping below Urako I caught seven small fish while the camp was being got ready.
text: Urako were all most friendly and the Ang particularly useful. Urako and Chanyu formerly occupied a site on the ridge near the present village of Urako, the main part of the village going up to the present site of Chanyu about 60 years ago and the remnants making a small village under cover of the ridge at Urako.
text: Chasang came down in the evening. The village owes allegiance to both Chanyu and Borduria, but the Ang comes from the latter village. They are bilingual, speaking both Chanyu and Borduria dialects. The surveyors with their khalasis arrived in the evening.