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typescript - extract from tour diary of C.R. Pawsey, 1925

caption: sick coolies; rations
medium: tours
person: Kosa
location: Dilli R. Chopsa Lungchung
date: 8.11.1925-9.11.1925
person: Pawsey/ C.R.
date: 10.1925-11.1925
refnum: Proceedings, Government of Assam, Appointment and Political Department, 1926. P/11515.
person: India Office Library, London
text: 8th
text: To Dilli. I had left Kosa at Lungchung with a small guard and some sick coolies. On returning, I found him down with fever. He thought it was pneumonia but I could detect not the least sign of any lung trouble. I refused to write to the Civil Surgeon about his relief as he was not nearly as bad as he thought he was. I took on a guard of five and the sick to the Dilli river. Here I met the permanent coolies with rations and having arranged for these to be sent on, decided to take back all the permanent coolies.
text: 9th
text: To Chopsa. Completed ration arrangements.