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manuscript - Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, Naga notebook five

caption: tributes paid to the Wanching Ang
medium: notes
person: Apong
ethnicgroup: Konyak
location: Wanching
date: 11.9.1936
person: Furer-Haimendorf
date: 25.8.1936-5.5.1937
refnum: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: (31) 11/9/1936
text: Informant: Apong
text: Tributes paid to the Wanching Ang:
Namsang - gives 2 daos.
Tamlu - each morung gives 2 rupees.
Anakai (half Konyak, half Ao) - the two morungs give 2 rupees each.
Kanching (pure Ao) - the two morungs give 2 rupees each.
Choto Kanching - the two morungs give 2 rupees each.
Tangsa gives 20 small baskets of dhan.
Kamahu gives 10 small baskets of dhan.
Yungya - the Tangsa-ba morung comes at sowing time and works on the Ang's fields for one day.
(32) On the Angs fields work Tangsa, the Tangsa morung of Yungya, the Bala morung of Wakching and Nian.
Nian - gives fish and 2 big baskets from each of the 3 morungs. At Ou-ling-bu each house gives one piece of meat, and at harvest each house gives one "chunga" with rotten fish, and one basket of rice, and each morung gives one mat. (There is no Ang in Nian).
Yongam (Shimong) gives the same as Nian. (There is no Ang, - the Ang of Wanching is their Ang. Ao name Kongnam).
(33) Mongnyu (Phom) gives every year one cloth and 2 rupees. Once Mongnyu killed 20 Wanching men in one day, then Wanching took revenge and burnt Mongnyu and made them pay tribute. Then there was a feud between Wanching and Mongnyu for generations. Wanching had defeated Mongnyu several times and some of the Mongnyu morungs agree to pay tribute, others didn't pay, so when Apong was a young man the Wanching men went again to the fields of Mongnyu to take a (34) few heads, but the Mongnyu men killed 20 Wanching men and took all their heads, then Wanching took revenge and finally made them to become Wanching's son.
Choha - gives three "layas".
Chongwe - gives 30 big baskets of dhan and meat from each house at Ou-ling-bu time.
Longmien some time ago gave one mithan and one buffalo and three pigs as a final payment.
(35) Nangching gives one laya.
Chingtang gives one bunch of taro from every house.
Chingphoi gives one big chunga of chaul from every house.
Chinglong gives 20 big baskets of dhan and meat at Ou-ling-bu time.
Of Wakching the Bala morung works on the Ang's fields and brings palm leaves when the Ang rebuilds his house.
Wanching doesn't give tribute to any other village.