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manuscript - Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf notebook eleven

caption: house list of the village of Wakching
caption: Oukheang morung
medium: notes
ethnicgroup: Konyak
location: Wakching
date: 1.6.1937
person: Furer-Haimendorf
date: 1937
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: House list of the Konyak village of Wakching
text: Map of part of Wakching (Oukheang morung)
text: SKETCH P.1
Key: upper case = male
in brackets = not there
+ = dead
GH = Great House
text: 1. WEIDZING (Yanahu)
= Ngen-li (Nokanokphong, Angban)
WEIDZING'S sister: Mendzing (12)
" brother: WANGSHIM (5)
GH. 35
text: 2. DANGBA (Khoknokhu)
his wife: Shikna (Leunok, Bala)
(1 son SHOUBA +)
(2 son WEIKOK +)
3 son SHOUBA (12-13 years)
(4 d. Liphu +)
DANGBA was first married to Shinglong (Leunok, Bala). She died and had no children.
GH: 28
gives shares to CHINYANG G.B (19)
text: 3. YONGEM (Yanahu) not married
his mother: Shikmet (Leunok, Bala)
his sister Shui-ang, married to HENYONG (Bala 15)
his sister Shui-dzing
his sister Li-ang
his brother WANGSHIM
the widow of YONGEM'S brother: Shikna (Nokanokphong, Angban)
her son: LONGLIEM
Shui-ang is married to HENYONG (Leunok, Bala)
GH: 20
text: 4. Li-ang (Yanahu)
her husband: DZEMANG (Angnokphong, Angban cf. Balang 26)
her son (by first husband) YANYING (a Chinglong clan)
her daughter (by first husband) Li-ong (a Chinglong clan)
Li-ang was first married to a man from Chinglong, AYONG, and lived with him at Wakching.
YANYING may marry an Aukheang girl, but not of Yanahu clan.
DZEMANG is the son of the Ang, Pongyong's, elder brother.
GH: 20
text: 5. WEIKOK (Khoknokhu)
his wife: Nang-khem (Nokanokpong, Angban)
(1 son SHOUBA +)
2 daughter Shuidzing (about 5)
WEIKOK has been for one year in the plains. He is an opium eater and works there.
Nangkhem does a little work on their own fields and also works for rich men.
GH: 28
Gives shares to 19.
text: 6. LONGLIM (Yanahu)
his wife: Peang-na (Metahu, Balang 6)
(2 Shui-dzing +)
(3 Shui-ang +)
(4 Shui-dzing +)
GH: 20
text: 7. LONGLIM (Yanahu)
= Peang-na (Yinyonghu, Angban)
1 Li-ang (10)
(3 Shui-dzing +)
4 WANGSHIM (two months)
LONGLIM'S brother: PONGSHING (Yanahu) unmarried
GH: 20
text: 8. YONGLONG (Shayonghu)
=Belong (Angnokphong, Angban)
1 SHA-YONG (1 year)
YONGLONG, the brother of Chingyak (+), the Niengba, built this house only one year ago.
GH: 16
text: 9. DZINGBEN (Shayonghu)
= Belong (Nokanokphong, Angban)
1 YONGLANG married to Peang-na (Maibanhu, Bala 44)
(3 Mendzing (Married to Tanhai))
(4 Li-an +)
5 Melong
6 Lidzing
8 Shui-yan
GH: 23
text: 10. YANOU (Shayonghu)
(= Belong (Nokanokphong, Angban))
(1 Shui-yen)
(2 Melong +)
YANOU suffers from periodical mental disturbances, therefore his wife left him and lives now with her mother and y. brother. She took Shui-yen with her. He does not work on the fields and his neighbour, Dzingben, wonders what he lives on. He probably begs at the houses of rich men. YANOU was first married to Nang-kem + (Nokanokphong, Angban)
GH: 16
text: 11. (SHANKOK + (Khoknokhu))
Ngenli (Nokanokphong, Angban)
(1 Shuidzing (16))
(2 SHOUBA (8))
3 Nanglem (2)
Ngenli married first SHANKOK + (Khoknokhu) and had two children with him: Shuidzing and SHOUBA. Then she lives two months with ANGMOI (of Chingtang) and had one daughter: Nanglem. ANGMOI went to live with Limia (Thepong, the shaman). Cf. Thepong 33.
GH: 28
gives shares to 19
text: 12. ANGSHAI (from Chinglong)
Minkai (Yinyonghu, Balang)
(1 AMOI +)
(2 Liyin +)
(3 Shui-yan +)
ANGSHAI came from Chinglong when Chinglong was burnt by the Govt.
He first lived in the house of Chinyak (Shayanghu) who had no sons. Chinyak gave him a laya to pay the price for Minkai. But the clansmen of Chinyak made a row and Dzingben finally paid the price. Now Angshai gives some help to Dzingben. Angshai built his house himself.
Gives shares to: DZINGBEN (9)
text: 13. YONGLONG (Shayanghu) the Niengba
= Henlong (Leunok, Bala)
Henlong's mother: Geangniu (from Chinglong)
GH: 16
text: 14. LONGSHING (Koknokhu)
= Pheidzin (Nokanokphong, Angban)
1 Pheangna
PHONGSHING (Koknokhu) a boy of about 10 whose parents died. PHONGSHING'S father and LONGSHING'S father were brothers.
GH: 28
Gives shares to DANGBA 21
text: 15. CHINGYAN (Khoknokhu)
= Peangna (Yinyonghu, Balang)
his mother: Shikna (Yinyonghu, Balang)
his brother: SHANKOK
his sister: Shui-dzing
his sister: Liphung
GH: 28
Gives shares to CHINYANG GB. 19
text: 16. Great House of Shayonghu
YANOU (Shayanghu)
= Monglong (Metahu, Balang 40)
YANOU'S father's brother's daughter: Shuyan (13)
text: 17. WEI-MEI (Khoknokhu)
= Nialo (Yingyonghu, Angban)
(1 Shuidzing +)
2 SHOUBA married to (Shongyo (Yinyonghu, Balang 32))
3 Menyu
Shuidzing was married to DZEMANG (Angnokphong, Angban). He died before her. Her son MANIE stays with her parents.
SHOUBA is married to Shongyo (Yinyonghu, Balang), the nominal daughter of MEDZOU GB.
WEI-MEI'S father's elder brother's son: WEI-KOK. He was first married to (Manshum (Nokanokphong)). Since he is impotent, Wanchum (sic) left him and married a Wanching man.
GH: 28
text: 18. YONA (now Yanahu, but his grandfather came from Tanyeang, an abandoned village, where he belonged to the Ang clan).
= Belong (Angnokphong, Angban)
3 Sheangli (7)
4 A-TEM (4)
YONA'S mother: Monglong (Metahu, Balang)
Great house: YONGEM (20)
text: 19. CHINYANG (GB) (Khoknokhu)
= Ya-ghoi (Yinyonghu, Balang)
1 Men-yu (15)
2 SHANKOK (13)
CHINYANG'S mother: Niashum (Shangponghu, Balang)
CHINYANG was first married to:
(Shikna (Metahu, Balang) +)
(1 Shui-dzing + married to YINYONG who was son of CHINYANG'S sister.)
(2 Liphung + (Yinyonghu, Balang 34))
(3 Liphung +)
Then he married again:
(Shikna (Metahu, Balang) +)
Then he married:
(Mongnyo (Dzeunok, Bala) +)
GH: 28
gives shares to 22
text: 20. Great House of Yanahu
YONGEM (Yanahu)
= Ngang-pha (Angnokphong, Balang)
1 Li-ang (married)
2 Ya-lei
Liang was first married to SHANGYO + of Yinyonghu (Balang) then she married TOANG (Angnokphong, Angban No. 19)
text: 21. DANGBA (Khoknokhu)
= Wanshum (Leunok, Bala)
(1 WEIKOK +)
GH: 28
text: 22. SHOUBA (Khoknokhu)
= Shongya (Yinyonghu, Balang)
no children
SHOUBA'S mother: Linha (Yinyonghu, Balang)
his father's younger brother's son: WEIKOK
his father's younger brother's son: WEIME
his real sister: Mendzei
his real sister: Liphung
Shongya is the daughter of Linha's brother. SHOUBA is the younger brother of WEIKOK (Aukheang 39)
GH: 28
text: 23. Great House of Shayonghu
YONGMEK (Shayonghu, the Tewangba ("first sower")
= Nuenlong (Angnokphong, Angban)
his brother: DZINGBEN
his first cousin CHINYAK'S + wife: Tamau (Niameihu, Angban No.
her son: YONGMEK
Nuenlong's father came from Chi
text: 24. DAUBEN (Khoknokhu)
= Pheangna (Leunok, Bala)
DAUBEN'S mother: Shuiang (Wemnok, Thepong)
(his father YINPHEI was a Wanching man. Therefore he could marry a Thepong girl.)
GH: 28
gives shares to LONGSHING, his own elder brother (14)
text: 25 CHINGYAK (Shayonghu)
= Anun (Nokanokphong, Angban)
1 Lian married to LOKHEM (Niameihu, Angban No. 14) her daughter: Belong (3)
2 MENDZING married to Dzingou (Dzeunok, Bala)
YONGMET (Shayanghu) a boy of about 16 whose father lives in the Chokidar's house.
Lian lives in her parents house because they are old and she works for them. YONGMET, whose father is very poor, came to work in the house, for MENDZING will build a house of his own next year.
GH: 23
text: 26. SHANKOK (Khoknokhu)
(= Bolem (Angnokphong, Angban))
1 Shuitang
(2 SHOUBA +)
3 Meniu
(4 DANGBA +)
(6 Shuidzing)
GH: 28
text: 27. WEIDZING (Yanahu)
= Pheangna (Yinyonghu, Angban)
1 Mendzing (12)
3 Shuidzing (7)
4 Liang (1)
GH: 35
gives shares to WEIDZING (38)
text: 28. Only Great House of Khoknokhu
SHOUBA (Khoknokhu)
= Linha (Yinyonghu, Balang)
2 Liphung (6)
SHOUBA'S brothers: WEIKOK married to (Manshum (Leunok, Bala)) CHINYANG
text: 29. YONGLONG (Shayanghu)
= Tamau (Nokanokphong, Angban)
1 Meilong married to a Tanhai man, but living here
2 Shinyan (10)
3 Mongnyo (8)
4 Lian (7)
5 Aiyung (4)
SHAYONG (12) (Shayanghu) whose parents died. He is a cripple.
(cf. YONGLONG'S sister Shuiyan, Angban 15).
GH: 16
text: 30. HAMLIEN (Shangyanghu - but came originally from Chi)
= Shongna (Leunok, Bala)
1 PONGNIE (16)
2 Mongyen (10)
GH: 23
text: 31. (CHINGTANG + (Shayonghu))
= Shongna (Metahu, Balang)
1 Aiyung (11)
Shongna and Aiyung live alone. Shongna goes to the Santok bazaar and trades with the transfrontier people.
GH: 23
text: 32. YONA (Khoknokhu)
= Manshum (Nokanokphong, Angban)
1 METAK (14)
3 Wanie (6)
GH: 28
text: 33. YANMONG (Shayonghu)
= Ngenli (Nokanokphong, Angban)
(1 Lian +)
(2 Mendzing +)
3 YONGMEK (11)
(4 KUNBA +)
5 Menlong (6)
6 Lian (1)
YANMONG is the blacksmith of the Aukheang
GH: 23
shares to DZINGBEN, his elder brother, 9.
text: 34. DANGBA (Khoknokhu) a leper
= Pongdzai (from Wanching)
1 WEIKOK (12)
GH: 28
text: 35. Great House of Yanahu
YANANG (Yanahu)
II = (Liniu (Angnokphong, now Bala))
1 Yali (5)
YANANG'S mother: Wanlui (Nokanokphong, Angban)
his daughter: Liang (adult) her mother
I (Wanshum + (Angnokphong, Balang) was YANGANG'S first wife.)
text: 36. WEIDZING (Yanahu)
= Wanshang (Dzeunok, Bala)
(3 Yali +)
GH: 35
text: 37. CHINGANG (Yanahu)
= Sheangli (From Tanhai) married this year
CHINGANG'S elder [?] Shuidzing
CHINGANG was first married to (Shikyo (Leunok, Bala))
her daughter: Liang (7) stays with him
GH: 20
text: 38. WEIDZING (Yanahu)
= Nankhem (Nokanokphong, Angban) recently married.
WEIDZING is the younger brother of YANANG (35)
GH: 35
text: 39. (WEIKOK + (Khoknokhu))
= Mongnyo (Metahu, Balang)
1 Shuidzing married to (SHALIM (Metahu, Thepong - originally from Chi))
her son LOUMING (Leunok, Bala)
her daughter (Pheangna +)
SHALIM'S family came from Chi then settled in the Bala. When the
Bala people were driven out, he settled in the Thepong.
Shuidzing was first married to METLOU (GB) who is LOUMING'S nominal father, his real father is YONGYO (Maibanghu, Bala).
METLOW was Pheangna's father.
GH: 28
shares: 17
text: 40. (YONGEM + (Yanahu))
= Liniu (Angnokphong, Balang)
2 Shuiang (8)
GH: 20