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Furer-Haimendorf manuscript spiral bound notebook three

caption: marriage gennas
medium: notes
ethnicgroup: Konyak
location: Tamlu
date: 7.1936
person: Furer-Haimendorf
date: 7.1936-12.1936
note: [konyak] means text omitted
person: School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London
text: Marriage gennas:
text: Yek-ching - marriage genna. The man and the woman and all the people of their clans go to the fields. They take with them two pigs. These are killed in the fields by a man of the bridegroom's clan - "Chinya mei-pha" - with these words. (38) In the evening all the people come back to the village. They go all to the man's house and drink madhu, then they go home and the husband and wife remain at home.
text: (39) [konyak]