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typescript - J.H. Hutton tour diaries in the Naga Hills

caption: 'Cross hatched' areas; Jessami asks to be brought under Naga Hills administration; armed Kukis settle on Lapvomi village site; Kuki attempts to return to the Lanier valley
medium: tours
person: HankupaoAmjapao
ethnicgroup: KukiAngami
location: Lapvomi Tsukemi Somra tract Aishan Phozami Jessami
date: 16.11.1917
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 10.11.1917-29.11.1917
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 16th
text: To Lapvomi about 9 miles, passing through Tsukemi, a small Angami village in unadministered territory, which was looted by the Kukis from the Somra tract (Hankupao & Co.) last year. Jessami as usual lamented that they were not in the Naga Hills instead of the Manipur State and asked if it would not be possible to rearrange matters. I told them it would not unless His Highness the Raja wished to be rid of them, but in point of fact as they are the only Angami village in the Manipur State and are situated in a very remote corner which juts out into territory either in or controlled by the Naga Hills and are 5 Naga marches from Imphal as against 3 from Kohima, I cannot help thinking that it might be possible to get the Manipur Durbar to consider the matter when the question of the "Cross hatched area" is raised again. The "Cross hatched area" contains 3 or 4 villages all of which are much nearer to Imphal than Jessami.
text: No one appears to have visited Jessami for 10 years.
text: Lapvomi complained that 30 houses of Kukis have returned from the Manipur State to a site on their land near Aishan and that they cannot eject them as they have guns. They asked for help. I said that nothing could be done at present, but in view of the expulsion of the Kukis from the Lanier valley at the time of the Aishan expedition and the orders prohibiting their return, I gave Lapvomi a definite promise that after the war as soon as anything of the sort was possible the Kukis should be ejected neck and crop. I only hope that I may be able to do it myself.
text: It was also reported here that one Amjapao and 6 or 7 other Kukis with two guns visited Phozami about a week ago with a view to selecting a site for a new village. Amjapao seems to have stated that he was in the service of the Manipur State on Rs 10/- a month and that as the sahebs had killed all their own people in the war and were now making Kukis go and he did not wish to, he intended to come back to the Lanier Valley and resettle there. I have written to the Political Agent about him.
text: I am afraid that the fact that the Kukis of the Manipur State and the Somra tract find that they can now ignore with impunity the orders of 1910 will not enhance their respect for us or conduce to turn them from their present aggressive attitude inside the Manipur State. The pity of it is that the whole matter could be straightened out without the least difficulty, by 100 men of the Assam Rifles, and it is inconceivable that any aid from the Military would be necessary. Some sort of action in the matter will perhaps become inevitable if Kukis from the Manipur State continue to run away and settle down there.