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typescript - J.H. Hutton tour diaries in the Naga Hills

caption: Satuho-Takiya boundary set; genna with a dead cat; head of Lumakami man taken in lieu of a Saheb's head, by Phulami
medium: tours
person: Nikiya
ethnicgroup: Kalyo-KengyuTukemi
location: Tsutuho (Satuho) Takiya Likuku Mt. (Lukuku Mt.) Lumakami Phulami
date: 23.11.1917
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 10.11.1917-29.11.1917
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 23rd
text: To Satuho, about 7 miles but a steep climb. Here there is a magnificent view of Saramati and the Naga Hills east of the high range and south towards Melomi and far beyond.
text: I fixed the boundary between Satuho and Takiya. There is a saddle joining Satuho to the Lukuku mountain, and a deep ravine between Satuho and the slopes of Lukuku on which Takiya is. In this ravine is a stream called Totoki by Satuho and Shizaru by Takiya. The boundary is along this stream and up that branch of its source (probably a more or less dry channel) which runs nearest to the saddle and up to the shoulder of Lukuku immediately above the saddle. I have also ordered that no jungle is to be cut above the top of the shoulder, either on Lukuku itself or along the ridge. I fined Satuho Rs 10/- for killing a cat and doing a genna on a spur immediately above Takiya's village.
text: Later in the evening the headmen of Lumakami came in to report that Phulami a village of the Kalyo-Kengyu tribe to the east had taken a head from them. Two men of Lumakami met 10 of Phulami in the way and the Phulami men fell on them and smote one that he died. The other ran away and from a distance cried out to ask why Phulami had attacked friends with whom they regularly traded and Phulami replied that they had heard that Sahebs were coming to Lumakami so came for their heads, but as the Sahebs had not come they took a Lumakami head instead, I gather that the independent Semas will probably deal suitably with Phulami. But the Transfrontier dobashi, Nikiya is in an awkward predicament as his little village is the most easterly Sema village and will probably be involved whether it wants to or not in a war with the powerful Tukomi villages on all sides of it.