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typescript - J.H. Hutton tour diaries in the Naga Hills

caption: Tichipami wants to buy a gun; coolie labour distribution; uncontrolled mithan; request to found new villages; Nikhiyo sacked for looting; war between Sirami and Phulom; head-taking; complaint about Khumishe land
medium: tours
person: Atesomi Khel/ YehimiHekhiya/ of YehimiNihezu/ of YehimiSalusu/ of SagamiYeziheHekhyekhe/ of SeromiNikhiyoKohoteHohiya/ of YehimiKhuzhevi/ of SagamiKhohazu
ethnicgroup: Sangtam
location: Aichisagami (Sagami) Tichipami Yehimi Seromi Sirami Phulom Heromi Khumishe
date: 16.6.1920
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 1.6.1920-26.6.1920
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 16th
text: To Sagami. The Tichipami Gaonburas met me on the road and said that their village badly needed a gun. Their case might be considered by S.D.O. next time he has a gun for sale. As far as I remember they were offered one in my time but could not afford the price.
text: The Sagami I.B. lacks a bath. The only one there is leaks almost as fast as one can wash. I fancy it has been spoilt by being used to mix lime in when whitewashing the bungalow.
text: I have settled the shares of the village labour in the Atesomi khel of Yehimi. Hekhiya gets free coolies five times and Nihezu gets twice in the year. A note should be made in Mokokchung. I told Sagami that anyone finding the mithan of one Salusu of Sagami or of another Yezihe in his fields may kill them. They are quite uncontrolled. Seromi reported the existence of an unclaimed mithan. I told them to keep it another year and if not claimed by then to eat it. They say they have had it two years.
text: Hekhyekhe (or Seromi's) latest ambition is to found a new village. He did not say where he proposed to get the men from. Nikhiyo came in. His account of the looting affairs for which he was sacked is that he and Kohote went about with Sangtam friends, who took the opportunity to loot back from people who had looted before from them.
text: He reports that Sirami and Phulom are at war and that Heromi joined in and got two heads there, but that everywhere else in his neighbourhood is quiet. Nikhiyo also said that the two men concealed by Khohazu were sent back by him with a message merely. They are still living in his village in someone else's house.
text: A man of Khumishe came in with a complaint about land against others of his own village. I told him that Khumishe was outside the district and he must get it settled in his own village as best he could. The G.B. of Yehimi (Hohiya) asked to be allowed to go and settle it but he is not to be trusted. I told him to stay at home. His offer was based on the allegation that Khumishe is an offshoot of his village. He claimed to be a sort of overlord of several villages across the frontier I think.
text: Khuzhevi came forward with a request to found a transfrontier village somewhere near Khumishe. I said that I did not think it were possible at all but in any case he must go to the S.D.O. first. He also claims that he ought to be G.B. in Sagami. This claim has been put forward before and there is some foundation for it. I told him this time, as I did last time the question was raised, that he had better wait till a G.B. died or retired and then come forward with his claim. I think I left a note of it in the village note book at Mokokchung.
text: Last time I came to Sagami (about two years ago exactly) there was a pane of glass missing from the bathroom window. Now there are two panes gone, as the pair to it has gone as well. It might be repaired some time or other with advantage.