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typescript - J.H. Hutton tour diaries in the Naga Hills

caption: destruction of supplies left over from Kuki operations; Karami Fort may be disbanded; hunting problems and conservation in the Shiloi Valley; Phowakungri village returning to old site
medium: tours
ethnicgroup: Kuki
location: Laruri (Karami) Phokhungri (Phowakungri) Mawlvailup Valley Phozami Sampurre (Thachumi) Primi
date: 17.11.1920
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 4.11.1920-28.11.1920
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: 17th
text: Halted Karami. I had visited the fort on the 16th but went back to look at some Burma rations left over from Kuki Operations and now about three years old and quite uneatable. I condemned them and said that any Nagas who wanted them could take them away; only the very poorest are likely to touch them. The Jemadar has built a Kacha rest house below the fort and between it and the village. I shall probably recommend the withdrawal of Karami guard. It is no longer needed here as far as I can see at present. The iron bridge between Primi and Phozami sanctioned for this cold weather will have the necessary moral effect I think. All these villages here are quite quiet and will give no trouble, and I think by now they are regarded as "Sarkari" by the people in Thachumi and will not be seriously troubled by them. I will however find out the state of affairs round Primi first and send in my recommendations from Kohima. If the guard is withdrawn the bridle path should be kept up and the Muharrir employed and a Dobashi retained here.
text: I had noticed on the 16th morning that the hill side at the northern and at both sides of the Shiloi valley had been fired and made enquiries in Karami to whom I attributed it. Apparently it was not Karami and seems to have been done either by two men of the Naga village which was situated in the Mawlvailup valley, alongside Loyang's Kukis, or by a hunting party from the same village. The Karami People say that they frequently send hunting parties into the Shiloi Valley. I wish this could be stopped as, in spite of Phozanasami, shikar from this side has been largely put to a stop and deer are certainly on the increase and I want if possible to preserve the mithan to keep them from extinction as the Kukis did not leave many alive. This Naga village is Phowakungri by Karami and was known to us as Pogumi. They are said to be coming back this year to an old site on the west side of the Mawlvailup valley. The two men who came to Karami and left on the 15th are responsible for this statement. After reading the Chin Hills-Somra Administration report I rather doubt if they have the Burma authorities leave for this, but are said to have begun to clear fields and house-sites there. I hope if they do settle then they will be as far as possible kept from Shikaring in the Shiloi valley. It may be difficult however as they cannot be prevented from coming backwards and forwards to Karami which is their parent village.