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typescript - J.H. Hutton's tour diary in the Naga Hills

caption: Comparison of rates of sweepers' pay and rice prices
medium: tours
location: Dimapur Silchar
person: Hutton/ J.H.
date: 11.8.1922
person: Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford
refnum: Hutton Ms. Box 2
text: D.C.
text: Naga Hills
text: Sir,
text: With reference to the entry on your diary of the 17th June ref. the pay of sweepers in Dimapur, I have the honour to inform you that the pay of Sweepers (Kabui Nagas) in Silchar is about R 8/-a month, rice ranging from 6 to 8 seers to the rupee and dal about 4 seers.
text: In Karimganj country Sweepers can easily be had for R 10/- a month.
text: sd. JPH 11.8.1922